Meet Lucy

I have always been so curious

As a child I often dreamed, I had a lot of imagination and was often lost in thoughts. In fact, it was often stated in my report that I was a dreamer.

I was also always very curious and liked to go to the library with my mother to get books, which I then devoured.

My parents also had an encyclopedia series, which I liked to poke my nose into. You could call it the old-fashioned form of Google.

I was also headstrong, wanted to do a lot myself and didn’t want to take everything for granted.

I am a sensitive woman

I was also a sensitive child. I felt a lot but didn’t always understand. As a teenager I also felt a lot and thought about deep things, liked to talk about emotions, my peers didn’t always understand. I could adapt well to others as a teenager because I could often sense them well. Therefore, I also got along with all kinds of different people.

I also loved to be creative. My mother encouraged this by buying me materials and books.

I felt that I did not always fit into this world, I sometimes did not understand people’s behavior at all, it was sometimes as if I came from another planet. My fascination with man’s psyche was immense.

Changes formed me in my life

I wanted to learn more about the workings of this world and the easiest way was through education. I started with the mavo, did havo (Highschool Netherlands) and then for a while I thought I wanted to be an artist, but synchronicity brought me to the study of psychology that I went to university after I passed the propaedeutic course at a university for applied sciences.

During my studies, both my parents passed away relatively soon after each other, which was a life-changing experience for me. I learned from them through these events to live in the now and get out of life what is in it.

lucy schaaphok

I was a different person then. I didn’t dare to do a lot of things, often knew what I didn’t want instead of what I did want, was anxious and insecure.

I love being indepth

Through a friend, I was introduced to spiritual and personal development in my mid-twenties. From that moment on my life changed to one full of depth and inspiration. This was much needed, because my self-image was not very good.

The free and imaginative child in me had changed during puberty.

Through my inner journey I peeled off the layers I had built up over the years and revealed my essence to the world. I discovered my talents by mainly following my desire and starting to do what I loved.

My life got into a flow. I gave expression to my soul through dancing and painting and started my business in 2005.

Motherhood ❤️

As a mother of 2 children, a boy and a girl, I immersed myself in natural parenting, in connecting communication with my children and boy, what a lot I learned from them. They unerringly press your weak spots, your own shadow pieces.

I felt it was important for them to keep their individuality above all while growing up and helped them to balance inner parts. In parenting, I also wanted to figure it out myself because the many booklets the old-fashioned way of parenting did not suit me.

When they were little, their father and I got divorced. We put the well-being of the children first and that allowed us to move past our pains and sorrows and build a new relationship that was good for the children. We regularly did things together that the children enjoyed.

I am grateful for that we were able to do it that way. I love seeing them now as young adults, with their own paths.

Lucy Schaaphok

My mission

I brought together the creative and psychology and discovered SoulCollage ® and that led to the work I do now in which working with people in the area of inner leadership has become my expertise.

My approach in inner leadership and well-being brings the inner world together with the outer world, balancing intuition and reason.

Creating an authentic life

I worked a lot with women and saw beautiful women who made themselves small. Women with a lot of talents, potential, softness and warmth, but who give the inner critic in them a lot of space.

Inner leadership

These women doubted themselves enormously and did not dare to raise their heads above the parapet. I knew that like no other but I had discovered that life sparkles when you can go beyond those obstacles.

I discovered by working with them what they needed to find their authentic selves again and to dare to live and let go of what the world around them had to say about them. To reclaim their inner power.

I did a lot of study and kept coming back to inner leadership. This is the core of real change. And to be able to lead yourself, that takes several steps to be truly free.

From what I learned and from my own journey, I developed the inner leadership programs. For each person their own unique journey to inner freedom.

I make extensive use of SoulCollage® to achieve greater self-insight and inner freedom.

Lucy Schaaphok

I trust your inner wisdom and I teach you to be great by becoming your authentic self.

Igniting your spark

Igniting your spark is about awakening your own inner Leadership. For me is about better understanding and working with the different levels within ourselves, with sincerity, courage and self-knowledge. With a balance between your heart and your reason.

When you have achieved inner leadership, you can more easily navigate through difficult and challenging situations, develop your full potential and are aware of your own limitations.

In other words, you have developed self-direction in which you direct all that lives within you. You are at the wheel of your life, in which you also assume synchronicity and flow. You have learned to trust your intuition, your inner wisdom.

Reaching your own Inner Leadership

I help you develop inner leadership and truly live from your inner wisdom and power.

I teach you how to trust your intuition that will give you more focus and really do what you are meant to do.

There is only one like you and you are an important puzzle piece in this world. I help you shine and believe in yourself.

My mission is to help you find your core again and find inner balance and leadership so that you too can start living in alignment with your mission. No matter what point you are at on this path.

I help you in a loving and appreciative way to take small or big steps in your inner leadership.