When you are not firm in your own shoes and trust in yourself, in your own value, in your intuition, then fear can play an important role in your life.

Are you being severely challenged during this period and can’t stop fretting about it? The challenge is not only because of the mundane in our lives, but in addition, all the limitations that are there and the worries you may have.

Did you know that childhood experiences and the culture you live in can affect your physical, mental and emotional health as an adult?

during a conversation, someone told me that she felt empty. A successful person who already has a lot of notes on her vocals, but actually keeps going after each success.

The need for self-actualization is best nurtured by setting yourself free internally. .Inner freedom is necessary for self-direction, for inner leadership. When you are inwardly free, nothing stops you from living your life as it is meant to be lived. A mission with purpose, with a deeper purpose.

Regularly I hear people say, “Isn’t that weird that I feel that?” We have often learned in our lives to put away our feelings, for various reasons; to survive, to fit in, to belong, not to be rejected.

I assume that when there are physical problems, it is mostly related to our inner well-being. With emotions, feelings tucked away, not listening to what is good for us, having too much to do with ourselves, etc.

I’ve been away from it all, enjoying the sun in Curaçao. So nice to go to the sun and get some vitamins.
I dived for the first time in my life and I must say, I found it more exciting than I thought. Dealing with fear was a thing for me.

During difficult periods, you see people dealing with the uncertainty and anxiety that can arise in many different ways. What steps can you take to leave your insecurity behind and thereby overcome your anxiety?

I could never have imagined this. As a teenager, I was rebellious but also very insecure; I didn’t have a lot of self-esteem. Still, I often did my thing even though I didn’t care what others thought about it.