Working with SoulCollage®, by making cards for each inner aspect and doing the process, you can bring back balance

Archetypes have an important place within SoulCollage®. They are the counselors who from larger stories can assist you, or challenge you in your life. You can create a SoulCollage® card for many archetypes and let them speak through the card.

When you have made several SoulCollage® cards you can do a writing assignment for yourself. You get great insights from it.

The psychologist Jung worked a lot with archetypes; they are self-transcending themes that everyone in the world recognizes. According to Jung, archetypes are a part of the collective unconscious; they are universal patterns of ideas.

You can also capture the special energy of spring in a SoulCollage® card and use this energy when needed.

Gardening is also very similar to the SoulCollage® process; we have an orchestra of inner parts that live in us. Inner parts that get along better with some than others, just like plants. Parts that overwhelm some.

We often have multiple mentors in our lives, people who inspire us, to whom we mirror ourselves, who are role models and/or sources of inspiration. You can make cards about that as inspiration for your path.

Sometimes I have those days when I am a little tired. I don’t really feel like doing anything for a while. I then grab my SoulCollage® cards and draw 2 cards blind from the deck and make it a magical day.

For many people, the (summer) vacations are a fine period of relaxation and travel. How wonderful to make cards during your vacation.

Do you give workshops, trainings, courses? Then it is so interesting to take out your SoulCollage® cards (if you have them) and consult them on the cash or title of your workshop.