Complaint procedure

LUCY SCHAAPHOK (LUCY SCHAAPHOK is a trade name of Life Creations: Chamber of Commerce 01107276) makes every effort to carry out the work she undertakes as best as possible. In addition, LUCY SCHAAPHOK (the company) ensures that its website ( and the digital community ( are actively managed, both in terms of content information and the availability of these websites themselves.

complaints procedure

  1. The purpose of this complaints procedure is to restore relations between the person filing the complaint and LUCY SCHAAPHOK
  2. A complaint is a problem experienced by the person submitting the complaint with regard to the actions or omissions of the trainer/coach in the context of the coaching relationship, with regard to the operation of the online learning environment, with regard to the LUCY SCHAAPHOK knowledge platform and /or with regard to a financial dispute with LUCY SCHAAPHOK arising from those circumstances.
  3. A complaint must be submitted in writing to the general manager of LUCY SCHAAPHOK or another member of management by email (email address: and must contain the following information: – name, address, e-mail address and telephone number of the complainant,
    – the name of the trainer/coach to whom the complaint may relate,
    – a brief description of the complaint and relevant information about it.
  4. LUCY SCHAAPHOK will send a confirmation of receipt to the person submitting the complaint within 48 hours.
  5. Complaints will only be processed if the facts to which the complaint relates are not older than 3 months. After that period, a complaint is no longer admissible.
  6. Every complaint is treated confidentially by the management of LUCY SCHAAPHOK. This person will contact any trainer/coach involved to inform them that the complaint has been received and to hear the trainer/coach’s response to it.
  7. Once the complaint has been submitted, there will be no direct contact between the person submitting the complaint on the one hand and the trainer/coach involved on the other. All contact (emails, correspondence, telephone) is directly between the person submitting the complaint and the management of LUCY SCHAAPHOK.
  8. If circumstances give rise to this, an internal or external confidential counselor will be appointed by the company to advise the management of LUCY SCHAAPHOK regarding the handling of the complaint.
  9. The management of LUCY SCHAAPHOK will make a decision regarding the complaint within 20 working days after confirmation of receipt. The management will inform the person submitting the complaint of its reasoned decision as soon as possible.
  10. The complaints procedure is free of charge. Any costs of (legal) assistance, travel expenses and other costs incurred by the parties will be borne by them themselves.