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"Doing work I love"

Annelinde van der Wouw

“The master classes, the coaching opportunities and the various tools that you get and that you pick up together with others , have brought me so much further in my personal development.

I always had the fear of starting for myself, partly because of this course I took the step. I no longer take steps from fear but from self-direction. And do I sink back, the cards are always there to help me on my way!

I’ve looked at a lot, easy and hard, looked away quite a bit and got pretty shook up to focus. It’s hard work, requires commitment. And what a lot it delivers!

"That trip was pivotal for me and my growth"

Paloma Sylvan – participated in retreat

That trip was and continues to be pivotal for me and my growth. I LOVED that group- the whole experience and the women and everything was so special- even for a wonderful SC retreat- that went way above and beyond for me.

I’ve been in and facilitated lots of groups of various types- been to retreats, been doing this kind of thing in some ways since I was 12- but for me I have NO doubt that this was a once in a lifetime experience with you all.

I cannot even tell you how much respect and gratitude for you and the way you hold all of these things with a group. Being with you was so healing- you are magic and special and so wise and skilled.

"I stand firm in my shoes again"

Bibi van Zijl | brand manager | participant 1-on-1 coaching

Through coaching with Lucy, I am back in my own power. I am more firmly on my feet and have entered a positive spiral.

As a result, I have more energy and am more satisfied with myself. This has its positive impact on my work as well as my private life. In conversations with my team, I show more of myself again.

I know what my added value is and I stand for it. I have regained more pleasure in my work.

"I managed to create my own dream job."

Valerie van Dam | manager | participant 1-on-1 coaching

Working with Lucy has given me a more uncluttered head, so I no longer put myself down, but believe in my talents and dare to stand for them.

I was given tools to keep myself balanced so that I don’t step back into the old traps that were bringing me down.

As a result, I was able to create my own dream job within the organization where I work.

My long-desired dream is coming true

Frieda de Ridder – participant Spark Challenge

“The 14-day challenge brought a welcome refresher of the basics for me in the first few days. From Day 4, thanks to Lucy’s guidance in terms of theme or assignment, a few special cards emerged.

They have given me insights that now make me stronger on my path; hope and at the same time a confirmation of where I want to go. My long-desired dream is becoming a reality with the help of the cards.

Those little particles of my soul already knew this, they just needed a way to convey this message. Thank you Lucy, for giving a voice to myself.”

Such beautiful, deep insights, supporting me.

Ria – participant Spark Challenge

“I had only been introduced to SoulCollage ® for a while, so I am very happy to learn more about this method in this approachable way. It brings me a lot.

Especially in the moments when I am having a hard time, when I cannot find peace, it is very nice to work with SoulCollage ®. Taking myself away from everyday life for a while and then there come such beautiful, deep insights that support me.

I think it’s a huge gift! What is also funny is that, as a matter of course, several cards arise simultaneously, which are then connected, or follow one another. That gives even more insights. Doing this fun challenge gives me more opportunities, inputs, to discover with which to start the map making process!”

"I have become more aware of my patterns."

Waltraud Wevers | participant course 31 days archetypes

“This course has made me more aware of what I need. I gained clarity about how finding my inner balance works for me. I have become more aware of my patterns and the steps I have to take for more focus on those things that really matter for greater success in my life.

I now know better how to persevere in building my own success and what steps I have to take in it.”

I think the course is fantastically designed, very inspiring and with fine tips, really super !!!

"Because of more inner peace, my relationships have improved."

Amy van Driel – Online soul collage path participant

“Through monthly contact, being inspired and learning how to work with my cards, I have already learned so much about myself.

Lucy’s guidance in this is very inspiring. She always knows how to strike the right chord and through her way of working she gives the space to be completely myself.

I feel more inner peace and that has already had its impact in my relationships with people, which have improved quite a bit.”

fascinating to notice what happened to myself

Marieke van der Meer | workshop participant

“I loved making the collages. Relaxed and I experienced no pressure. You, Lucy were very clear and facilitative in that. Fun! The process was unusual and therefore somewhat tense at first.

Then fascinating to notice what happened to myself when I allowed myself to be carried away in my map. Also extraordinary what I saw in others. Pithy, hushed and powerful. I found it surprising and special!

I enjoyed. Also, I found it inspiring to meet you Lucy! Your art, the way you are in life. Beautiful!!!”

I feel that I am allowed to be there and that I am incredibly powerful

Christina de Jong – workshop participant

First, I want to mention that the workshops have brought me closer to my soul path. I feel it flowing and get energy from the evenings. I feel that over time I have become more in my power.

I feel confident about who I am and what I stand for. When I started the workshops, I was searching and doubting my truth.

Partly because of the workshops, I feel transformed into a woman who feels love for herself and those around me. I feel that I am allowed to be there and that I am incredibly powerful. Grateful for you as a person, calm and inspiring.