2 story examples of archetypes

SoulCollage® library

Archetypes have an important place within SoulCollage®. They are the counselors who from larger stories can assist you, or challenge you in your life. You can create a SoulCollage® card for many archetypes and let them speak through the card. In my experience, these are powerful energies that come to me when I speak from the cards.

The story below speaks volumes, and you could make a map out of either archetype.

Once there was a little woman who came along a dusty field road. Though she was quite old, her walk was light and her smile had the fresh glow of a carefree girl. At a huddled form, she stopped and looked down.

She couldn’t recognize much. The creature sitting there in the dust on the road seemed almost featureless. It reminded her of a drab flannel blanket with human shapes. She bent down and asked “Who are you?”

Two almost lifeless eyes looked up tiredly. “Me? I am the Sorrow.” whispered a voice stammering and so soft she almost couldn’t hear it. “Oh, the Sorrow!” the little woman cried happily as if greeting an old acquaintance.

“You know me?” asked Sadness suspiciously. “Of course I know you. Again and again you have guided me a piece on my way”. “Yes but,” stammered Sadness, “why don’t you flee from me then?” “Why should I flee from you, my love? Surely you know all too well yourself that you catch up with every refugee.

But what I wanted to ask you, why do you look so despondent?””I … I am sad” replied the burly form with broken voice. The little old woman sat down beside her. “So you are sad” she said and nodded her head understandingly. “Tell me what depresses you so.”

The archetype Grief sighed deeply. Would anyone really listen this time? She had wished for that so many times. “Ah, you know,” she began gently, “it’s like this. Nobody likes me. It’s just my destiny now to go among people and stay with them for a while. But when I come they flinch. They are afraid of me and avoid me like the plague.”.

Sorrow swallowed hard. “They have invented proverbs with which they want to banish me. They say ‘Ah, life is a big party’.” And their fake laughter leads to stomach cramps and breathlessness.

They say “Annoyed is that which hardens.” And then they get heartaches. They say “You just have to hold yourself up,” and they feel the pull in the shoulders and back. They say only weaklings cry. And the pent-up tears almost make their heads snap apart. Or they numb themselves with alcohol or drugs just so they don’t have to feel me.”

“Oh yes, confirmed the woman, I have encountered such people before! Sadness collapsed even further. “And all the while I just want to help people. If I am very close to them they can meet themselves.

I help them build a nest in which to nurse their wounds. Those who are sad have very thin skin. The suffering breaks up again like a badly healed wound, and it hurts. But only those who allow the Sorrow and weep all the unshed tears can truly heal their wounds.

But people don’t want me to help them at all. Instead, they paint a shrill smile over their scars. Or they put thick armor over their bitterness.” The Sorrow was silent.

Her crying was weak at first, then stronger and finally very desperate. The little old woman took the huddled figure comfortingly in her arms. How warm and soft she feels, she thought and gently stroked the trembling mound. “Just cry, Sadness,” she whispered lovingly.

“Just rest so you can regain your strength. From now on you will no longer be alone. I will guide you so that despondency is no longer in power.” Sadness stopped crying. She sat up straight and looked at her new companion in amazement.

“But…..but… who are you anyway?” “Me?” the little old woman asked grinning, but then she laughed again unconcernedly like a young girl, “Me? I am Hope.”

Author unknown.