Balancing your inner parts

SoulCollage® library

SoulCollage® is unique in that it works with 1 aspect, 1 energy per card. This ensures that it is very clear and easy to handle and that you are not surrounded by all kinds of different energies.

We have many different aspects, many inner personalities and archetypes within us, all of which have a potential for shadow. This means that something is either too much or too little.

It is very common for different aspects to be out of balance; if this were not so, there would be no movement. But when too much is out of balance, we can no longer function properly. Then our soul can no longer express itself properly.

But by working with SoulCollage®, by making cards for each aspect and doing the process, you can bring back balance. You do this by shining light on the shadows of your aspects. When you keep something in the shadows and don’t work with it, it will have a double effect on you on a subconscious level.

When this piece is triggered, it suddenly breaks out of the shadows and takes over you without your control. When your light shines on the shadow, it is allowed to be there and you will also recognize the power of that piece. It will then no longer have an uncontrolled influence on you, but will help you in your life.

Each shadow piece also has its power. Look at aggression: when you suppress it, you explode at certain times when it is unconsciously triggered. But aggression, when more balanced, will also be able to protect you at times when it is really needed.

You can even make a separate chart about a shadow piece of yourself to work with.