Deepening SoulCollage® reading with 4 cards

SoulCollage® library

Do you already have at least four SoulCollage® cards? Then by formulating a question and drawing cards, you can get answers to your question from these four cards.

Should you not yet have four cards, you can do this with two or three cards, but the more cards, the more points of view and synchronic responses you will have. It can bring you interesting answers when you draw these very four cards at random from a deck.

As the reading progresses, it will also become clear why you chose these particular cards and why in the order they were chosen.

The reading works as follows:

  1. Formulate a question
  2. draw four cards randomly, upside down from your deck
  3. Ask the question and turn over the first card
  4. If you have not yet done the “I am one who” process, please do so briefly with the card
  5. Answer the question from the card
  6. Turn the second card and do the same, also with the other two cards
  7. Read or listen to the answers from all the cards in one piece in succession and voilá, you have answers from deeper parts of yourself

It would be great if you can do this with someone else, or even better, in a group of maximum four, so that someone else can write for you, someone guides your process and someone else is your witness.

have a wonderful experience!