Here’s how to make it a magical day for yourself

SoulCollage® library

Sometimes I have those days when I’m a little tired, the kids aren’t around and I don’t really know what to do. I don’t really feel like doing anything for a while. I have neither direction nor inner silence. Sometimes I then grab my SoulCollage® cards and draw 2 cards blind from the deck for the day, as I did today.

The first card I drew blind was about connection to the 6th chakra, to far seeing, to seeing with the third eye to see what is needed. To develop vision in connection with the world and ancient knowledge.

The second card was about walking a sacred path,full of magic and symbols and told me to do more rituals. That I needed to start using them more in projects and connect them with magic.

By stepping into the cards I connect to deeper parts of myself, I feel that sacredness, the magic of rituals, I get more connected to my vision. It tells me that I need to pay more attention to the magical side of life, which is connected to invisible energies.

I feel myself sinking deeper into myself and everything begins to flow. Suddenly I feel like doing all kinds of things, I have inspiration, it starts to fizzle. Yes, the rituals and meditation, I had been thinking about that for some time to pay more attention to that again.

The cards help me actually start doing it. It has gone from wanting to feeling in my body and then it starts working.

And today I have all the space and time to bathe in the magical, in making a stronger connection of the wisdom within myself. All the time and space to feed and nurture myself, which is so important in my life.

Today is my magic day.