How to circle a question like an eagle in 7 days

SoulCollage® library

You can use your SoulCollage® cards in a variety of ways. The more you make, the more fun it becomes to do readings with them.

You can formulate a question about something in your life, about something you want answers to or insights into.

It might be nice to make that on a longer track, say 7 days. Sometimes issues are complex and it takes time for answers to sink in.

What you can do is formulate a question, write it down and randomly draw a SoulCollage® card daily.

If this card is new to you and you have not yet done a reading process with it, it is good to do so briefly. Don’t remember exactly how the reading process goes? Then take a quick look at how that works here.

Then you answer from your card to the question. When you do this in the morning, you can keep the answer with you throughout the day, contemplating it and letting it sink in.

The next day you draw another card and get another answer from a different perspective; you can let that sink in again, too.

So each day you circle above your question like an eagle and receive different answers that at some point complete the puzzle. So you decide when drawing the cards is enough and when to end this cycle.

Not sure yet what the SoulCollage® process is all about? Then this might be something for you.