How to honor a loved one in your life

SoulCollage® library

Seena, the birth mother of SoulCollage® has created four suits into which you can categorize your cards, or from which you can create a card.

One of these groups is the community suit. This suit is about people, animals and places that are important to you in your life. This can be about a family member, friends, teachers, as well as pets or places of special significance to you.

Usually you make these cards from an intention with pictures of the particular loved one or images from magazines that represent the energy of the loved one. So you don’t necessarily have to use a real photo.

For me, it is very special to make cards for people or animals I love. I take the time to collect beautiful photos, print them out and think about what to put on the card.

You can even decide to make multiple cards about a person. After all, they too consist of many inner personalities.

What I found most special was making the cards about my children. As they scurried around me, I made a card about them.

My son slid over to the table and I showed him the card. A wide grin came on his face, he was clearly touched about me making a card about him. My daughter also saw it and of course wanted to see a card made about her as well (impatient as she can be), i was already making one.

By sharing a card you have made with the person for whom you made it, it can have a strong connecting effect and the person is often touched. You could also share a piece of the “I an one who” process. But do both only when it feels right.

You read this card like any other, as if you were stepping into the skin of the card.

If you haven’t created a community card yet, this is definitely recommended because it touches on yet another dimension to working with SoulCollage®.

Have fun!