How to use heroes & inspirations

SoulCollage® library

Do you know the book the hero’s journey by Joseph Campbell? He has devoted much of his life to researching ancient myths, fairy tales and other stories. In the book, he describes the steps taken during spiritual growth.

One of the steps involves finding a mentor, an ally, something Tijn Touber also writes about in his book An Enlightened Life. He describes in his book how Neo, in the movie the Matrix finds a mentor.

Someone who is a few steps ahead in development and can help you moving forward in your development Tijn also cites Gandalf, who plays a mentor role in The Ban of the Ring.

We often have multiple mentors in our lives, people who inspire us, to whom we mirror ourselves, who are role models and/or sources of inspiration.

Consider who your examples are, who inspire you. Maybe these are writers, politicians, actors, musicians, a yoga teacher. Make a list for yourself of these people.

When you work with SoulCollage®, you can divide your cards you create into four groups (in addition to the transpersonal cards), one of these four groups is the community group.

The list you just made falls within this group. People who matter in your life. You don’t have to know them personally to place them in your community group.

You can make a SoulCollage® card of each person you just wrote down and then read it. You can draw these people closer to you in this way and let them guide you as helpers on your path.

Have fun!