How to work with your ancestors

SoulCollage® library

You can categorize your SoulCollage® cards into one of four suits. One such group is the community group. Usually you make cards for this group from an intention.

This involves finding photographic material of a person, animal or place that is important in your life. Don’t you have photo material? Then you can also work with images of people or animals that are similar, or that carry the same energy.

Are you familiar with systemic work? This means that there are connections between people on energetic levels. Family systems are very powerful in this. You have a place in this system, you get a lot passed down from your ancestors, including sometimes things that don’t belong to you.

You can make cards about your ancestors, even unconsciously, if you did not know them. You can always set an intention to make a card for a particular person and let your subconscious do the work.

You then allow it to emerge and trust that information will surface with the “I am the one” process.