Not fit? With your cards you gain insight

SoulCollage® library

I can sometimes go too fast and get ahead of myself, against my better judgment. My body tells me to rest but I don’t always listen to that. As a result, I then get sick or ill. Recognizable?

I believe that every illness has an emotional basis an since the SoulCollage® cards represent inner parts of yourself, so do archetypes, you can give voice to this inner wisdom by using the SoulCollage® cards.

I also did this in response to getting the flu. I asked the question why I got the flu now and what “Neters” might have something to say about it?

This always gives me different and deeper insights than if I reason it out with my head. By reading the cards, specific information can be given about why and what is needed to recover, in addition to the necessary bed rest.

Sometimes they can be clear but confrontational messages that you need to start doing something with.

Would you also like to try this out with your SoulCollage® cards? Then formulate the question first. With the question in mind, draw 4 cards and answer your question from the card, from what or who you are on that card.

You do this with all four cards and voila, there’s your answer.

Good luck!