SoulCollage®, even on vacation 🙂

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For many people, the (summer) vacations are a fine period of relaxation and travel. How wonderful to make cards during your vacation.

Therefore, it is helpful to bring some cardboard, glue and scissors. If you are not going on a trip, but have a vacation, then of course the same applies.

Some tips for making cards:

  • make a map about how you feel while traveling
  • make a map about you as a traveler (or just as a stay-at-home mom if you’re not going away)
  • take photos of loved ones, or images that contain the energy of a loved one and make a card about that person or animal
  • make a card about vacationing, about enjoying, about the adventurer, about the mountain climber, or the beach lover
  • Or make a card purely from your intuition

Thus, there are endless possibilities.

I wish you a happy summer with lots of fun!

Warm regards,