This is how to ask a good question in a reading

SoulCollage® library

If you have already made several SoulCollage® cards and done the process with them, you may be ready for the next step.

The next step is to use the cards for a comprehensive reading. You let the cards provide answers to a question on your mind.

This can be a question that deals with all areas of your life: relationships, work, health, money, insights, steps to take, etcetera.

You cannot predict the future with them, but the cards can give you a lot of information that comes from your deepest wisdom. The question is at least as important as the answer.

Here are 5 tips for formulating the questions:

  1. Begin your question with, for example, what can I…., how can I…, what do I need to…, what insights are important for….
  2. Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to; really challenge yourself
  3. Ask open-ended questions, don’t ask questions you can answer yes or no to
  4. The answers you get are for this moment; they won’t last forever
  5. Make the questions as short as possible and ask only 1 question in a sentence

Take enough time for a reading and write down the answers, or record them. A reading like this often leaves a deep impression.