What are Archetypes?

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The psychologist Jung worked a lot with archetypes; they are self-transcending themes that everyone in the world recognizes. According to Jung, archetypes are a part of the collective unconscious; they are universal patterns of ideas.

The common structures of the collective unconscious, the archetypes, are, as it were, grooved into the psyche by the similar experiences of all people of all times.

Just as instincts drive animals to a similar automatic behavior, humans are driven to an automatic pattern of thought and feeling by the so-called archetypes.

Seena Frost, developer of SoulCollage® describes them as the invisible guides, challengers, creators and destroyers known throughout time and cultures.

They have many names but reside somewhere universal in the collective unconscious of the human race. The archetypes fall into the Counselor group of SoulCollage® groups.

Examples archetypes

  • death
  • the mother
  • the jester
  • the warrior
  • the inner child
  • the witch
  • the shaman
  • the hero
  • gods and goddesses

Example archetypeSoulCollage® cards with archetypes add another dimension to your deck of cards and can bring you deep wisdom.

The image is a SoulCollage® card of Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture, the Great Mother.

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