What are transpersonal cards?

SoulCollage® library

Seena Frost, creator of SoulCollage® also describes the particular method as the process of the one and the many; even though we are divided into many parts, we are also one. The one could be called the source, the many, the universe, God.

The many is the diversity, uniqueness, separateness of all that is, we call that in SoulCollage® the soul. But to see and experience the one and the many requires awareness. Therefore, a 3rd transpersonal card has been devised for the card groups and that is the witness.

You can make cards for the 3 transpersonal themes: the source card, the soul essence card and the witness card. These represent the transcendent, the mystical, the silence.

Don’t do a SoulCollage® process with these cards because they don’t have a voice, they are. There is no shadow and they are not personal. You can use these cards by laying them down with the readings you do with your other cards, or you use them for meditation and comtemplation, so you can get closer to your essence and the essence of everything.

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