Why sharing cards is so important

SoulCollage® library

When you have made cards, it is also special to read at least one of the cards you have just made.

You can do this alone, of course, but it is so special to do it in a small group, together with others. Seena, founder of SoulCollage® says, “The more time a group spends sharing what they discover, the richer their experience will be.”

The experience

My experience is that the reading is different and deeper when I read my map with the group. I also hear this a lot from participants. You witness each other’s story, attention is paid to it and that energy allows you to penetrate deeper into your reading.

Hearing readings from another opens hearts and creates more connection. Something that in turn reinforces reading. As each person opens up, which happens miraculously quickly and easily in a group at SoulCollage®, trust develops. Again, this is reinforcing the process.

Hearing someone else’s lecture

The reading of another touches your soul because you are each other’s mirror. We are those individuals, the one, but we are also one with each other; the whole. Doing the process together strengthens the whole, leading to wholeness.

If you are used to making cards and doing the process alone, find a group to do it together. If you don’t know how it works yet, find a facilitator so you can master the process.