Why SoulCollage® is a bit like gardening

SoulCollage® library

I really enjoy gardening and therefore spend a lot of time in the garden (which includes a lot of weeding). It’s like living painting. You place plants together, which take on a life of their own, producing an orchestra of colors and scents.

Gardening is also very similar to the SoulCollage® process; we have an orchestra of inner parts that live in us. Inner parts that get along better with some than others, just like plants. Parts that overwhelm some.

Parts eaten by the snails (could be compared to external factors that make some of our inner parts small). With SoulCollage® we are like gardening within ourselves.

A little extra feeding here, a little weeding and watering there, until a harmonious orchestra of happy, inner parts is created. Parts that then live the highest potency of soul essence.

I live a lot slower these days than I did before. Even more I can observe my inner parts from tranquility and connect with my higher consciousness, allowing me to simply BE, all voices are silent for a moment.

When we can quiet our inner parts for a while, it is a great good. From silence and pure consciousness, you can then see things very clearly.

How much peace and quiet do you give yourself? Do you find it hard to get quiet in your head? Then examine what voices, what inner personalities are speaking a lot.

Write down what they say, feel, want and think. By hearing them and giving them a place, they often quiet down naturally. Make a map about them and find their power. Getting to know yourself in this way creates more and more inner balance and inner peace.