Why you can trust the process

SoulCollage® library

I can’t say it often enough at SoulCollage® workshops and trainings: trust the process.

We sometimes tend to want to be in control of our lives, including what happens when making SoulCollage® cards. Again and again I tell about the unconscious and the powerful powers that tucked away parts of yourself have.

Ostensibly, these parts are not there, but all it takes is for something to happen and…pats…there suddenly emerges that hurt inner child, or the rebel because you feel limited by another and take the wheel, without it being desired and even destructive.

We have an inner wisdom that can guide us, if we want it. In SoulCollage®, this manifests itself through the images that attract so much attention that you can’t really avoid them. These can also be images you have resistance to.

Follow your feelings, follow the images, let everything come about as it is right from your feelings and see everything that happens as a piece of synchronicity, that it is therefore not a coincidence that it is happening right now at this moment.

Even if you accidentally tear a piece of the image, this may also have a reason.

Go with the flow and trust the process as it presents itself…then get the best out of yourself and shine your light on the parts that all have a piece of gold in them.